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  • Tim Paynter
  • Tore Christiansen
  • Otto K. Blix Hulbak

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Klokken 11.01 den 13 juni 2013 sa Tim Paynter ...

I watch as people work hard each day to find a solution.  I can't imagine how hard this is for all of you.  Tore is working very hard, as are many others.  One day soon we hope this will come to an end.  My phone call to Puerto Rico indicates they have no record of a check in.  However, if I were them, I would not check in either.  I would pass through their waters and say nothing.  They had no plan to stop in Puerto Rico.  Why check in and pay all the fees?

Klokken 4.52 den 11 juni 2013 sa Tim Paynter ...

This is a very difficult case with much conflicting information.  My heart aches for the pain felt by the family.  I think our best asset is hope.  Tore has done a great job, I learning a lot from him.  

I want to talk to Mr.Moteid if he is willing.  We need more pictures, maybe of the family, too.  Our plan is to keep this in the press as much as possible.  It is not in English newspapers that i am aware of.  

Today, we talked about the Lady Domina on the radio.  We asked our audience to call home, and we have people from about every sea faring country, and ask their relatives to watch for this boat.  We call this the "social net".  

What i do best is tell stories, by writing.  Also I tell stories by video and by radio.  I am confident the crew will be found safe, but there are several lessons here.  One, be careful about volunteering to crew.  Two, if the boat is not equipped with EPIRB and other safety equipment don't go.  Other young people can learn from these lessons.

Wow.  My heart breaks.  I have a lot hope and faith.  



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